Our memories are really what define us – The ability to recall information when needed is the ultimate skill that any of us truly need to survive in the world. How much have we forgotten over time? Skills that we once possessed but now we seem to be a bit rusty with them. What if there were 10 ways to improve memory simply and consistently?

Remember when you were studying hard at school? Most probably cramming in late night revision in order to remember it for next day’s exam. If only you could have remembered everything that had been viewed easily and when needed.

10 Ways To Improve Memory

The truth is, everything we have ever learned to do has not been lost – far from it. Deep inside our subconscious we possess the details of every experience we have ever come across, from the smells, location, feelings, etc. Our subconscious is truly the storehouse for every experience we have ever lived through.

Anything that we do not use consistently seems to be archived in the great subconscious, and that’s not always a bad thing. Traumatic experiences are something that nobody wants to remember easily so although they still exist deep down, on the surface they have been wiped clean, but what about the stuff that we want to remember but have trouble with?

10 Ways To Improve Memory


Here for you we have 10 ways to improve memory.

These are proven methods that anybody can master with just a little discipline.






This one’s a no-brainer. The less shut-eye you get the more your memory will suffer as a result. In fact most of your cognitive abilities will suffer as a result of less sleep.

10 Ways To Improve Memory





We’ve all experienced having little sleep and then trying to focus on work. We end up reaching for the caffeine to make up for the lack of energy we have, when in fact the best way to keep our batteries topped up is to aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Being deprived of sleep, our brains will struggle to recall or hold vital information as well as normal.



You’ve often heard the brain as being referred to a “muscle”. Research has shown that physical exercise can have a profound effect on our walnuts (our brains do look like walnuts don’t they?) There is indeed a link between our bodies and mental capacity. The hippocampus is the part of our brains that response greatly to physical/aerobic exercise. It’s the part of our brain structure involved in learning and recalling information verbally.

So basically the move you move through exercise then the more oxygen will reach your brain along with other nutrients carried around by your blood to invigorate your brain and ultimately your improve your memory.


Challenge is Key

Use it or lose it. You could have the greatest mind in the Universe, but unless you give it something to do and achieve then your memory will suffer as a result. People with jobs that require technical and high level processes are expected to have better memories in their golden years purely because of the practice they gave their minds when younger.

10 Ways To Improve Memory

Give your brain tasks to do and it will provide you with the sharpest memory. These days this is so accessible from our phones.Download a brain training game for your phone and as well as being entertained on the commute home you will also be sharpening those neurons to keep your memory in peak condition.




A practice known for relaxation, increasing awareness and ultimately blocking out unwanted mind noise. In achieving these goals it’s only natural that your memory will be giving a huge boost as your concentration will be that much more finely tuned.Studies has also shown that cerebral cortex flow of blood is improved considerably through the practice of meditation. This is the part of the mind that deals with learning, memory and concentration.

Ultimately stress seems to be the biggest obstacle in memory recall. Control the stress (through meditation) and watch the rest improve.


Music Memory

Music is shown through research to greatly improve in recalling memories. Think of all that information that you have learnt from just one song alone. Normally you can’t recall the exact part that’s needed, you instead have to mentally play the song back to yourself in your head.

10 Way To Improve Memory

How many times have you heard a tune on the radio and it’s taken your back to the exact time your first heard it. Music is a great cue for recalling specific memories at different events in your life.


Dream, Dream, Dream

Like the song! Studies have shown that the wondering of the mind allows our brain to organize and better store our memories for sharper recall when needed. Many people have been inpsired to pursue great actions and quests after first having dreamt of them. Paul McCartney claims that the hit ‘Yesterday’ was inpsired and put forward to him through dreaming. Dreaming is basically overnight healing therapy.

Dream sleep or (REM-sleep) appears to heal difficulty from traumatic, emotional situations offering an almost instant fix for when you wake up the next morning. The old saying of ‘You’ll feel better when you wake up’ contains a lot more wisdom in it than meets the eye.


Cut it Out (Sugar, That is)

Sugar is known to be enemy of our brains, especially our memories. Whilst the average American consumes roughly 160 lbs of it annually. It’s also known that high blood sugar leads to a reduction in hippocampus activity. As mentioned above it’s the part of our brains that’s highly associated with learning and memory recall.


Stop Multi-Tasking

If you’ve noticed memory slipping in you or maybe an elderly relative, sticking to just the one task and not multi-tasking could make all the difference. Studies have shown that when tasks are interrupted (even for a second), to switch to an alternative short term memory is affected.

10 Ways To Improve Memory

No doubt you’ve been there highly engrossed in your favorite novel or newspaper, only to be interrupted by something trying to tell you something. We then have to go back and look through a few lines, paragraphs or entire pages to recall exactly what part we had already ready.

San Francisco University research reveals that this issue increases with age after conducting tests on people in their 60’s through to 80’s.

We all need help with increasing our short term memory (at any age) so stop trying to spin all the plates at the same time. Short term memory improves when just focusing on one task at a time.



We all know that diet affects our bodies – but new research snows that our brains are equally affected by the foods we put into our mouths. The Mediterranean diet high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish and very little red meat with moderate alcohol seems to have a profound effect on memory recall. Mediterraneans are known for having a high life expectancy and low heart disease. The benefits have a profound effect on both the health of the heard and brain.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

It’s not just the food we eat that affects our memory – but also what we drink. Our brain function is closing linked with the drinking of water. Our bodies are 70% water so it stands to reason that keeping it hydrated will surely improve our concentration, focus, anger, depression, headaches as well as that annoying Brain Fog.

10 Ways To Improve Memory

Water provides our brains with the electrical energy required for all our core brain functions. When are brains have a full reserve of water we will be able to think faster, concentrate better as well as have much improved creativity and mental clarity.




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