Product: Brain Fog SuperFix By Mike Dow


Price: $299 – Course / $7 – Book

Publication Date: 11/16/16

My Rating: 9.2 out of 10

Brain Fog Fix By Mike Dow

Brain Fog Fix is a 3 week course presented to you by Mike Dow, an established author and  psychotherapist by trade. Brain fog is something that affects a large scale of the population and this is by far one of the best brain fog treatment in existence.

Whilst not exactly a medical condition as such, it is an experience that affects our ability to focus, use our memory, gives us poor concentration as well as having lack of mental clarity – (Something we could all do with more of, right?)

It’s this symptom of brain fog that some have described as mental fatigue, ADHD or Scatter Brain. It is so prominent that it has the abiliy to affect us at work, school or just about any place where we need to have relevant contration levels.

Brain Fog Fix By Mike Dow gets right to the heart of the matter. Dr Dow claims that the fix entails restoring 3 chemicals necessary for us to perform at our peak which are dopamine, cortisol and serotonin. He explains the underlying causes of why the fog occured in the first place.

At the end of the course he promises you will be thinking much clearer, have a huge memory improvement and improved learning etc. If you are interested in any way to give yourself brain fog treatment, then please carry on reading.

Brain Fog Fix By Mike Dow


You can clearly see what the benefits to the this amazing course provides. Mike Dow gets down to the source of what has caused this brain fog. He breaks it down completely to what we eat, worklife, exercise and even goes so far as mention our spiritual experiences.

The book/course even shows you to steer clear of the onset of Dementia by follows his guide. Pretty bold statement I know but if you simply try and grasp the message he is trying to put out there you can clearly see why and how his backing seems so solid.

Everybody knows that diet plays a huge role in our health but the adjustments provided here will allow you to make profound changes to your health in a relatively small period. Dr Dow makes it easy for anybody to achieve. In fact, you’ll never want to go back to your old unhealthy ways once you see the clarity and energy (just a few of the benefits) you will receive.

The other great thing about this content is the multiple format availability. Not everybody has time to read books so there is a choice that suits everybody. Listen to it on your way to work and you will truly see the benefits day by day.

Another great feature of this content is the way Dr Dow easily expalins the true science around his findings without it boring the pants out of you. He keeps everything captivating, interesting and mosf of all fun. You will feel fully engaged from start to finish.


Try It Out 

This book will not be for everybody. I think the biggest complaint from most people will be that they heard this information all before, albeit scattered around in different places.

Dr Dow also goes so far as to mention giving up medications in terms of fixing these ailments naturally. This will also put off a lot of people due to their reality on these prescription drugs.

These are both fair points, but if you truly want some great wisdom found under one roof then this is surely the place to find it. Peoples reliability on pharmaceutical dependencies will tend to block out many alternatives.

If you opening absorb the information that is being presented to you from a health and spiritual perspective then some truly life changing things will happen.


Brain Fog Fix By Mike Dow

Sure The Cost is Expensive But The Benefit’s are Life Changing

Althought there are many different content formats including book and audio, the online course promises to be the most immersive. This creates a closer connection with Dr Dow’s teachings.

It’s the wisdom for creating calmness and health in your life. The level of detail Dr Dow really demonstrates his true expertise on the subject. Our bodies constantly change as we age, but it happens so gradually that we tend not to notice. Things such as our skin, hair, appearance and indeed our brains.

Instead of being a passenger in your body of life, instead become the driver of where you want to go. This content truly educates the listener on what is truly happening inside and instead replaces their knowledge on how to feel better from inside out.


In Conclusion

I am a great believer in this product and I know that many others will also absolutely Love It. For the sake of your health this is truly an educational eye opener. One which has changed the way I live mine.

Not only does this knowledge clear your brain fog, but ultimatley this will change your life by the way it tells you to live you life. Everything from food, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, religion and mindfullness.

It’s a great demonstration of how we could all be living happier and more joyful lives.


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