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Healing Power Of Prayers – What is Really Happening

It is fair to say the praying is one of the most ancient practices of all time, as well as one of the most personal between the person and God/Universe. There is no one way to describe the process. There are in fact more ways to pray then there are people that currently pray.

Prayer is known as a communion with God himself. A private communication between us and a greater power at hand. There exist so many different types of prayer between the vastness of the different religions and cultures that it would be difficult to describe each of the different methods and techniques. We will attempt to provide a basic comprehension on the healing power of prayers and what the process entails.


What exactly is prayer?

As mentioned prayer is simply a relationship between the individual and the Creator/Universe.
In the Bible Jesus Christ used prayer as the primary way to communicate his feelings and desires with God. It provides the person praying with a channel to vent out any feelings and frustrations which occur.

It’s a way to letting out anything that is troubling us internally or through outside events.

There is no ideal method of praying. It’s a personal choice as how to do this, although each religion promotes their own version of what is their most effective way of praying.

Many people learn to pray by listening to the prayers of others. Growing up you most probably heard prayer in one form or another across your travels. The Bible demonstrates the healing power of prayers in hundreds of stories.





What happens when we pray?

Experiment study’s have shown that the power of belief is so effective on any physical outcome required. If somebody indeed possesses the expectation that a certain outcome will present itself then 9 times out of 10 the solution will present itself. But how is it that an event in mind has the power to manifest itself into an external event.

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If you believe in the Universe at large, then the power of prayer should definitely be something that appeals to you. What could possibly be the harm?

The moment you let out your thoughts and desires in a positive form then you automatically create impressions upon your working mind, which as previously discussed opens up your mind to manifest solutions to the problem at hand.







Benefits Of Prayer

Prayer, along with meditation and positive thinking is known to have a profound list of benefits. The following are just a handful of benefits that have been experienced by those that pray.

Increase Self-Control – Prayer has a positive impression and can help with any goals by way of improving your self control. It was shown that individuals who prayed before a physical task were able to perform it much more successfully.

The self control aspect can also work oppositely for those with bad additive habits such as alcoholism. In this case prayer was shown to reduce their alcohol consumption quite considerably. It is these examples that show that prayer does indeed have a positive and energizing effect.

Prayer Improves Your Mood – Do you get aggressive? Then why not pray? Studies have shown that aggressive individuals who pray regularly automatically reduced their level of an unfortunate experience of anger. Prayer helps you to stay cool at all times.

Prayer Makes You More Forgiving – The most famous concept of prayer in the bible. Forgiving others by way of prayer makes you more inclined to forgive yourself. Judging others is ultimately a trait of how you feel about and treat yourself.

Prayer Increases Trust – Those that pray together, stay together. Groups of people who pray have an increased feeling of being united with a central trust. Churches have understood this for eons and the power of group prayer is definitely something to take note of. It promotes better relationships regardless of age, background or social status.

Prayer Increases Health – The burden of financial worries produce stresses on the body unlike no other. However, Individuals who pray seem much more resistant to any physical health conditions brought on by worry.

Science tends to be very critical of religion as it’s seen as an irrational belief system. I personally believe that both science and religion complement each other perfectly and neither is greater than the other, but are both a required piece of the puzzle.

There are indeed many things that need to change on these old dogmatic belief systems but what critics fail to understand is that studies have shown there to be many positive aspects of religious faith.

The main benefit seems to be that prayer which is of course a behavior associated with religion, but can indeed be of benefit for individuals and society as a whole.


Shared Power Of Prayer

You have no doubt heard of Lourdes? It’s a place of worship in France which is famous for the Virgin Mary appearing to a a young Roman Catholic girl by the name of Bernadette. It is said that she appeared to her a total of eighteen times.

Lourdes today is famous for many miraculous healings as well as the many Catholic pilgrimages that occur there many times a year. But how do these so called miracles occur?

Surely there are just a lot of mythical stories from the bible to teach us lessons in our current life? Maybe there are, but maybe they also provide a clue to the true power of positive thinking and belief especially as a joint act.

Our thoughts are an energy and our brainwaves are something that can be measured accurately. EEG measures the brain’s electrical activity directly. Since our thoughts are an energy it stands to reason that combining these shared thoughts will produce an energy on a much grander scale through the practice of prayer.

Just look at the energy at a football stadium or a music concert. You can actually feel that energy through you. As the saying goes ‘Energy flows where attention goes’, whether it’s through prayer, chanting, cheering or singing.



At the end of the day if doesn’t matter if you are truly a devout Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. The true power lies in the thinking that you channel outwards into the world. Everything is an energy and as such is all linked. At the end of the day everything is linked to what the mind produces for better or worse.

So channel your positive thoughts through prayer, meditation or by your external actions. What you put out there is ultimately what you get back so be careful what you wish for; you might just get it!.


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Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset – Learn This Old Knowledge

Have you ever considered that two people born from the same neighborhood, same social class, and extremely similar upbringing go on to achieve totally different achievements? Why is that?

It’s very easy to blame your outside environment to where your life has brought you to, and of course there is no doubt that certain surroundings can heavily influence a person.

At the same time individuals with the same experiences go on to demonstrate to the world that they dictate their own life by way of their thinking. The rich mindset vs poor mindset is very much a reality that explains the huge divide between these two different mental attitudes

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset


The Thinking of The Rich & Poor

Oprah Winfrey is one such individual whose rags-to-riches story has been used many times as demonstration of this phenomenon. Growing up in an environment where struggle was the norm, her poverty-stricken family could not afford simple luxuries such as clothing, and as a result was sometimes made to wear whatever was available including overalls made from potato sacks.

Growing up, Oprah was shifted between different family members, having spent her first few years on her grandmother’s Mississippi farm whilst her teenage mother would look for employment. At 6 years old her grandmother become to unwell to continue looking after her, so Oprah ended up living with her mother.

It was here that she was exposed to extreme poverty and was also made to endure years of sexual and physical abuse by certain family members. This upbringing story is not unique to a lot of people living in African-American neighbourhoods thus making the path to crime much easier by way of survival.

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

The National Association for the Advancement of colored people (NAACP) indicates that out of 2.3 million people incarcerated in the United States, 1 million of this population are African-American. Whist injustices certainly do occur – most people can turn around their lives just as Oprah did purely by the mindset that they follow.

The poor form part of a blame culture, and when asked why their circumstances haven’t been changed? The answer normally lies in pointing the finger at something/someone else. Of course, this is easier than admitting the situation has stemmed from negative thought patterns and failure to take control of their own life.

Belief in greatness is vital – one must possess that faith of entitlement of a better life regardless of socioeconomic background or race.

It’s a secret that will continue throughout the ages. Understand it fully for yourself if you wish here.

Differences Between The Rich & Poor

Like anything mindset plays the biggest role in the divide between poverty and prosperity. Here are some main opposing mental attitudes between the rich mindset vs poor mindset.

Poor People Are Sceptical – The poor tend to always be trying to prove that somebody is out to get them whether it be at work or maybe whilst their car is in the workshop – (These mechanics are trying to rip me off). Untrusting thoughts begin appearing which solidifies their mindset into one of scepticism. Certainly, we should always be on the lookup if we suspect somebody is trying to take advantage of us but by always having this mindset it cements one’s thinking into one of scarcity which never allow the individuals to put themselves out there for great opportunities that may come along.

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

Rich People Are Trusting – Rich people, on the other hand naturally trust in people a whole lot more and believe that everybody should have the chance to be themselves without judgement.

Poor People Play the Blame Game – The poor tend to complain a lot more about situations and people. The tendency tends to be that it’s always somebody else s fault when it comes to their lives situations and why they haven’t achieved success in the way they believe they deserve.

Rich People Act – The rich oppositely take action in situations that they wish to change. If somebody says, ‘It can’t be done’, they will find another that it can be done. They literally take the bull by the horns. Instead of finding excuses they go on to find solutions.

Poor People Think Money Is More Valuable Than Time – Most individuals in the world trade their time for money. They work all the hours under the sun to bring home the money, albeit with good intentions. Time is the most precious thing in the world. You can never get back time once it’s been used

Rich People Know Time Is More Valuable Than Money – They understand this and as a result never trade time for money. They instead trade their time with what they enjoy doing and fulfilling their passions

Poor People Invest in The Latest Technology – The poor use their monthly pay check on non-essential items such as the latest 60″ 4K Television set, the latest smartphone which has all the bells and whistles, or the newest car they can get their hands on – which ultimately puts them more into debt.

The Rich Invest in Educating Themselves – The rich invest heavily in themselves and see that as the biggest investment they can make. They read a lot and learn from past individuals that have themselves that have gone on to make themselves in the world.

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

These are just a few examples of the different thinking between the rich and poor. You have all heard the saying that ‘The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer’. This is true and will always continue to be so as these mindsets get passed on from generation to generation strengthening them at each pass.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong in being poor – far from it. It’s just to demonstrate that there is always a way out of poverty and into prosperity by way of our thinking. As quoted by Bill Gates, one of the world’s most wealthy and inspiring people on personal growth. “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake but if you die poor, it’s your mistake”

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Knowledge is Power

The internet is filled with such useful content in ways of becoming prosperous and obtaining wealth. I guess that like anything the best way to learn is from somebody who is already doing it successfully.

Education is vital if you are ever to make it a success at being wealthy, and the most reliable and time proven of these is reading. Reading consistently programs the subconscious mind with whatever subject is used as an impression.

Just take a look at the famous wealthy individuals and I will  bet that 9 out of 10 of them are avid readers. How else can they have obtained the knowledge that the have had it of not been for reading, and what better way to avoid stumbling blocks in starting wealth than by learning from the best.

These days in addition to reading we are all lucky to have access to the vastness of the internet for education purposes, with most of the knowledge also being made freely available. Everything is there for the taking if we just reach for it, absorb it and simply apply it.

RIch Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

It has never been as easy as now to truly to take hold of your future by educating ourselves. There has never been a time in history where so much access has been made available to us at literally the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

Don’t like reading? OK – You still have no excuse. Millions of educational videos are readily available on YouTube or other similar platforms. Take the bull by the horn today or get left behind with those that complain of lack and make endless excuses for not taking action but quick to blame the world for their circumstances.


Fear & Risk

Obtaining wealth has little to do with the money than it has to do with the individual’s mentality as we have already discussed. But if there were ever two words that summed the difference up nicely it would be that of ‘Fear & Risk’. Firstly Fear.

Everybody has fear, of this there is no denying. It is one of the 5 basic human emotions. Right up there with anger, happiness, sadness and surprise. Anybody that says they have no fear are either lying or suffering from mental delusion.

Financial fears are at the core of the economy each and everyday. People tend to fear always living from payslip to payslip; fear losing their homes, fear losing their jobs as well as fearing that they will fall into serious debt. This is how most people relate to fear in terms of financing.

Living on the edge in terms of finance will certainly put one into a constant panic and fear about money. Living with this fear capacity will therefore, as a result take it’s toll. As the saying goes ‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’. This is so true!

The other fears are simply circumstances which although do occur; the worrying/being fearful part is so much more destructive. It literally messes up the way we function and puts us into a state of disability to help us overcome it and ultimately becoming a victim of circumstance.

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

Although the rich also relate to fear – they tend not to let it paralyze them and instead use it as a motivation or hurdle to jump over. They feel the fear, off course – but tend do what is scaring them anyway. The only way to truly conquer something is to face it head on. This can be applied to any situation in life which we tend of divert away from because of fear. Here are some common ones that paralyzes people from success.

Unfamiliarity – Never been here before! I have no experience of it! How can I do it if I’ve never done it before!

Afraid Of Failure – What if I totally mess this up! Everybody will laugh at me! Who am I kidding, there’s no way this will work!

To much work – I might make some money with this but it’s way too much work. I want to have a life as well!

Rejection – I have too much to lose by this! What if people don’t like it? I can take that much rejection!

Hearing Family In Head – Mum would always say money is the root of evil! Be happy with what you’ve got.! (Maybe they were but I bet they were always striving for more)!

I like My Life – If I start putting my energy into this then I will miss all my favorite TV shows. (These shows are funny and do have their place for sure – but reaching age 70 constantly glued to that box is not your ultimate goal I’m guessing!)

What about Risk? I can’t risk losing my job to take up this dream. I want to be secure and safe but at the same time want to make a lot more money! Being overly cautious to a certain degree is a sure way to stop chasing that dream. Oppositely, being reckless is a sure fire way of losing everything. The trick is to find that middle ground.

Rich Mindset Vs Poor Mindset

There is risk in everything in life. The minute you get out of bed you risk something happening to you. Maybe something will happen on the way to work; maybe there will be a maniac on the street on the way there. OK maybe there will be; So what’s the alternative; you stay in bed. Nice and safe there right?, Maybe; What if a plane landed on your house? You see – It’s a pointless exercise to try and minimize risk all the time as it exists in everything any anything.

Don’t just sit back and not pursue something purely because you don’t want to risk something. Put yourself out there. Fine – It might not work out, but at least your tried and now know for sure. If that way didn’t work out for you then try and find another way. As Thomas Corley has mentioned “Failure is like scar tissue on the brain, the lessons last forever.”



It’s not about being rich and having all the gold and diamonds that you can imagine. It’s not about having 10 cars in the garage when all you can drive is one at a time; it’s equally not about having a huge mansion with maids and butlers when it’s just 2 of you. These are superficial and should never be the goal of what to strive for in becoming wealthy.

Money is not the root of evil as has been so widely put out there since, forever……

Obtain wealth for the positive reasons it can bring – Being wealthy ultimately give you back time, plain and simply! Time you can then spend doing the things you really enjoy ; the traveling, family time; time helping others. This is something that is robbed of us 5/6 days a week of our lives until we reach retirement age. Is that really the life you so dreamed of as a small child full of dreams?

Having wealth also provides you with less to worry about. Losing that fear of having the pay the mortgage or rent every month is such a positive benefit to anybody’s life. Having less worry is surely to improve ones health as a side benefit.

So please; take charge of your life today as nobody else is going to do it for you. It’s your life with your dreams and ambitions. Never let anybody tell you any different. At the end of the day – The only person in your way is you!

Change you life today but learning from the very best in knowing the rich and poor differences.

Robert Kiyosaki grew up learning both ways before deciding on his desired path – If you interested to learn how, click here!


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about this topic or just want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.

Can My Thoughts Become Reality – Take Back Control

Thoughts – They come and go all the time. In fact scientists have stated they we each average roughly 60,000 thoughts per day. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But the stunning fact is that 95% of those thoughts are the same from the previous day which leaves us with only 5% new and creative thoughts. OK – so we’re constantly thinking, no surprises there.

Thoughts Become Reality

But just grasp that concept for a second. OK – so what? They are only thoughts right?  – my actions are what really determines the outcome of my life. True, but deep inside, your subconscious mind is being continually programmed with the thoughts that we are thinking.

Since we are constantly thinking the same majority of thoughts on a daily basis, of course these are surely going to have an influence on what comes out through the other side. So the question you should be asking yourselves are, “Can my thoughts become reality”?


Importance of Controlling Your Thoughts To Create Your Reality

So what are you thinking on a daily basis? Most of us tend to be our own worst critics and constantly remind ourselves that we are not good enough, no pretty enough, not clever enough, not confident enough – Sound familiar? We all do it whether we are aware of it or not.

Maybe sometimes you tell yourself that you are not good enough in your relationships. Maybe you tell yourself that you are not pretty enough when standing in front of your bathroom mirror. That your not clever enough at work in comparison to your peers or that your not confident enough to apply for that job role that would ultimately pay a lot more than your current salary.

The fact is these thoughts are constantly being ingrained deeper and deeper the more they come into your mind. There is no way that they cannot have an influence especially with 60,000 of them. It’s vital that we as individuals grasp this concept.

thoughts become things

Simply look at the difference between personalities all over the world, the difference between the rich and poor, the criminals and law-abiding citizens. How can there be so much divide all over such a vast geography? Well, the reason is simply down to their mindsets.

The totally opposing mindsets that exist between each of us is indeed what determines our actions through life. OK – so now you know – that’s the big secret.

Just stop thinking these destructive thoughts and everything will change. Yes, this is essentially true and we will discuss that part in more detail later. But the way of your actions are also dictated but what you allow into your conscious mind.

Television, the internet, music and even people around us have an element of manipulation whether intentional or not. The technologies of today mentioned above are indeed marvels which have changed the face of the entire planet so much over the last 50 years or so it’s important to be aware of their programming tendencies.


Becoming Aware of Your Current Thoughts

What were thinking before you came across this website? What first thought crossed your mind when you woke up this morning? We are all so used to just thinking a certain way that our thoughts become a habit because of it and we don’t always consciously realize we are doing it,  but all the while our subconscious mind is taking in everything from what we say, see and hear either internally to ourselves, of picked up from the outside world.

Becoming aware of the going’s on of our minds is half the battle and we need to make a conscious effort in realizing exactly what comes in and dwells inside is a great achievement. You see, in doing this we would create a filter of what would we see as negative thoughts and oppositely what we would accept as a good and productive thoughts.

Thoughts Become Reallity

However, we all have busy lifestyles which tend to take over, giving us little opportunity to take time out to access and fully access the intake of our minds.

The only way around this issue is to truly dedicate a few minutes of any spare time we have however minimal we think that might be. Nobody is asking that you are 100% percent aware at all time of everything, this would be impossible and at the same time unpractical. A few minutes after waking up and the same before sleeping would be all that’s needed.


Methods of Creating Awareness

The exercise to create awareness above all others is simply that of meditation. Although a relatively new concept to the western world meditation has existed for thousands of years and for very good reasons. We have all heard that it’s good for us and even life changing, but why is this?

High-performing professionals of all sorts have talked about how meditation helps them deal with stress and succeed in demanding environments. Primarily an eastern concept but today, people across all different race’s and religion meditate to be in the present moment and to catch their thoughts in action as they come in.

Thoughts Become Reality

This site is not to educate you in how to meditate – there are many thousands of book’s available that could demonstrate this to you with a lot more accuracy and depth.



But why is meditation so beneficial? Well, the list is pretty much endless. It’s been proven to reduce depression, anxiety, improve immune system, improve pain tolerance, boost memory, confidence, increase happiness etc.

For the purpose of this article the main and most profound benefit of meditation is that of awareness. When we meditate we concentrate our attention on our breathing. Thus, giving our attention to our breath in this fashion our focus is purely on this action. After a few minutes a lot of beginners will tend to become restless and slowly thoughts may begin to trickle in once again.

When you become aware of these incoming thoughts you begin to appreciate what is happening in terms on your thoughts on a daily and consistent basis, albeit totally on an unconscious level. You can then, begin to see that constant thoughts impressed  in your mind will begin to drive you actions.

If you believe your life to be an unhappy one, then, seek out your thought patterns and substitute them with new one’s. If you tend to feel overwhelmed by thoughts of failure, then substitute that same thought with one of success.

The main aim is to catch yourself once immersed in these negative thoughts patterns, as catching yourself is becoming aware. Once you have this awareness then, it becomes a lot easier substitute thought with one of a more positive nature – This is the process of meditation.

Another exercise which is fairly recent in comparison which has gained a huge following is that of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the exact present moment. The practice of mindfulness has been proven to promote greater well-being and improvement of one’s health.


Whereas meditation brings us to the awareness of our breathing and thoughts, mindfulness brings us to the exact moment in exactly what we are doing. To truly be immersed in our present actions with such focus gives us a sense of deep awareness.

I personally prefer the process of mindfulness as it can be practiced throughout the entire day and brings you to such a deep-seated place in everyday occurrences.

Being in this state you will begin to see that everything in way of destructive habits and behavior simply disappear as instead you are caught up in the very thing you are doing. This could range from looking out of a window, mowing the lawn, cooking or even putting out the garbage.

What both these methods provide is aligning you with the state of being present. Being present in everything you do puts you in the one reality that has ever existed in your life. Experiencing this moment will bring you to the realization of the now and only the now. Most people seem to be always dwelling on past events or alternatively, worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet.

Living in the now is the only real thing that exists. Even in your past it was always in you present that you experienced it. Likewise, the future, is not a real existence either as you are always in the present moment living it once you reach it. The past and present are purely concepts that help to differentiate old memories from yet to experience moments.

You see – The now is here and always present and it never changes from that.


Create Your Reality as You Wish by Changing Your Thoughts

We are all in control of our destiny (or destination) in life by the way of our thoughts. It therefore stands to reason that, if our past thoughts have gotten us to the exact spot we are at now then, we do indeed have the power to shift our thoughts for improvements if they are so desired.

In a very small amount of time you have come to the realization that you and you alone possess the ultimate power needed to position yourself exactly where you want to in life. Like anything however, changes do not happen immediately unless you truly make a deliberate positive shift.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same way you need to appreciate that your mind has had ideas imprinted upon it from a very early age – as they say old habits die hard. However, this does not mean that changes are impossible. Start small and build your way up. The first step is awareness.

Become aware of your current thoughts by way of meditation or mindfulness. Once, these have been identified then, take deliberate action to change this by doing the opposite. The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Thoughts Become Reality

If you find yourself with destructive thoughts of fear, sadness, lack then, immediately change these thoughts with their opposites. By replacing a negative thought with a positive one every time you see them come in then, you are taking control and not settling for anything else. For the most part we should always be in control of our minds.

Instead, the opposite happens and most find themselves at the mercy of the thoughts that come due to either fear, outside influence or upbringing. Once you are truly in control of your thoughts, then, the world becomes your oyster. You then, become the driver in your vehicle or mind, nobody else!

The trick is to make a change each and every day towards your required goal. Even if you only move 1% towards your goal daily, then, by the end of it you will see how far you have come.


Final Thoughts

You already possess riches beyond your imagination. You have the capacity to control your thoughts, so indeed anything is possible and always within your grasp. Acknowledge the fact that you are the master of your destiny. You see, your thoughts will either stand in your way, or instead help you to achieve your lifelong dreams and ambitions.

Start to attract the desirable life by changing your thought patterns TODAY! Realize that thoughts will always become things, and that your past thoughts are the reason you are exactly at the current point in your life. Realize that when you ask yourself the question “can my thoughts become reality, that the answer will present itself straight away!

Be positive with everything in life and know that the Universe, God, Law of attraction, your higher self or whatever belief system you adhere to will align itself to help you get that wealth, health and happiness that you truly deserve. Also, be ready to let go some things that weigh you down such as negative relationships, fear, and low self-esteem.

Instead, embrace a purposeful life where every goal can be attained. Everything will start to function accordingly as soon as you accept that nobody and nothing can stand in your way but yourself.


If you interested in delving deeper into the subject please read my book here!


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about this topic or just want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.

About Jon

Greetings to you and many thanks for visiting my website today. I hope that you have been able to take away something valuable from here, for which you can then apply positively in your life. If you have stayed with me throughout this small journey, then I’m sure that an awakening will present itself to you in one way or another.


My Little Story

Have you ever just stopped in a moment of awareness to realize exactly where your life has brought you to? How did it all happen up till now? Have you just been riding the wave your life and ended up somewhere? That used to be my excuse for everything, and I would constantly play the blame game of life.

I would blame parents for the way I was brought up. I would blame my boss for not giving me that promotion. I would blame my teachers for my lack of learning at school or blame past partners for relationships that didn’t work out. Blame, Blame, Blame! That was me.

So how did I get to where I was? Surely it was just luck, roll of the dice or simply the cards I have been dealt. Or was it? It wasn’t until I reached rock bottom and things truly began to unravel themselves to me.

I began reading book after book, watching video clips one after the other looking for that secret of why some people made it while others just stagnate through life.

What was it all about, it all had to be purely down to luck, right?

No No and No! Maybe it had been me the whole time. But why, and how? I wasn’t any different to anybody else. Maybe I wasn’t, and maybe that was the problem. I know now that I have exactly reached the point I have in life purely because of one thing. Still don’t know? Well here goes – It was my thoughts.

My thoughts were the reason that I was who I was or acted the way I did.

My thoughts got me to the place I was at and more importantly to where I was heading.


Does This Sound Familiar?

As basic as this knowledge sounds. It’s no secret. Just pick up any bible and you will see if repeated time after time. Look back into history and study the minds of great individuals to see what made them different to everybody else.

Our thoughts dictate our reality. They always have. There is no other reason for where we have got to in our life’s journey. Pretty bold statement right?

Sure it is, but it’s backed up with bold knowledge and examples.

You don’t have to believe me. I leave that choice totally up to you, but deep down everybody wants more. We want better relationships, better bank balances, better lifestyles and ultimately better life experiences. The key to unlocking all that you have ever wanted is buried deep inside you and not out there somewhere outside of you.


My Promise To You

The purpose of this site is to help you realize your true qualities and to unlock the unlimited potential of your mind.

I would like to help all those individuals who have also reached that same questioning point in their lives, and who truly want to make it better for themselves and their loved ones. Ultimately we all want to thrive and succeed in life.

Please join us on a journey of self discovery to find out more and to take control of your destination. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help where I can.

All the best,

Jon Fontaine