We are all a product of the habits that we possess, whether they are positive or negative. These behavior patterns are ultimately what determines our external environment.

If I were to tell you know now that all you need to do is to ‘change your mind and change your life’, would you believe me?

What do you feed your mind with? Does your life contain negative habits such as eating junk food, procrastination, biting nails or spending all day unproductive by watching TV or playing video games, or do your good habits consist of being productive, taking relevant exercise, self discipline, eating healthy etc?

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

Just a mild listing of these habits and you can start to see or at the very least gain an insight into how these actions shape our lives. Repetition is the key to consistent results whether good or bad.

If you keep pigging out on the sofa being unproductive, then it becomes a part of your life. It turns into a routine which becomes accepted very easily by you consciously as well as subconsciously.

Eating unhealthy repeatedly becomes easier for our minds and bodies to accept, yet harder and harder to break ultimately developing into a lazy mindset. The end result often manifests into feelings of self loathing and depression.

Healthy habits work in the exact same way, as in the more you do them the more they sink in at a deeper level that before. This will ultimately result in a positive and productive mindset. Generally the end result is one of self-satisfaction and release of those happy chemicals such as endorphin’s, serotonin and dopamine.

We will try to break everything down into a simple way of understanding as a lot of these mindsets operate at an subconscious level.


What Do You Tell Yourself?

The exact nature of our thinking defines the quality of our life, whether it be one of happiness, sadness or feelings of contentment. What’s going on inside our heads are normally what manifests outside of our heads into our life.

Thoughts of a positive and optimistic nature provide us with a zest for a life and drive us to take action until we reach our goals of intention. These thoughts promote emotions which are high in frequency, resulting in whatever we wish for.

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

Negative thoughts of a sad and gloomy nature provide us with the exact opposite, and instead zap our energy and mojo to prevent us from achieving anything goal orientated. Thinking tendencies of doom and gloom provides us with exactly that in terms of environment and situations.

If most people could only understand this concept the world as we know it would change profoundly overnight! Our actions are purely the manifestation of our thinking, so it’s vital that we change it for the better.

Here are 10 ways we can change our thinking to bring on a more positive environment.

Create Positive Affirmations – We all need to become aware of the exact things we tell ourselves. One way to overrule the negative noise that is going on inside, is by creating new positive statements or affirmations. Affirming positive sentences to yourself consciously will eventually sink down into your subconscious and strengthen you from the core.

Close The Door & Move On – As humans we love to mellow in what could have happened. “I should have done this” or “I should have done that”! Things happen a lot of the time that are simply out of our control. Learn from these situations as to avoid a repetition in the future, but equally learn to just accept them when they happen.

Practice Gratitude – If everybody consciously practiced the act of gratitude more often the shift from a negative mindset to a positive would be instant. Always look on the brighter side of life and be grateful for what could have happened instead. No matter what the situation you are going through there are always thousands of others going through much worse happenings.

Be as Playful as a Child – Children don’t take things as seriously as their adult counterparts do. They do not hold grudges and take things to heart. They quickly learn to move on from the past. Why do we as adults act in the exact opposite way? Children can teach us many things if we simply took the time to watch.

Be Happy Now – The happiness we seek can only be provided from inside of us. We have the power of happiness within us whenever we truly wish it, but instead we tell ourselves that we will only be happy when that special relationship arrives, the better job appears or when we strike it rich.

Take Control of Your Moods – Become the master of your moods instead of the servant to them. You and you alone are the ruler of your emotions and moods. You possess the power for however you wish to feel, so try to choose happiness always in whatever situation.

Look After Your Body – Our bodies are literally the vehicles we operate our lives through. We only get one so it’s important to keep it in good running order by watching the thoughts we think and the fuel we provide it in terms of food. There is such a close relationship between body and mind yet we tend to look after only one or the other.

Meditate – In order to change our thinking we first need to become aware of our current thoughts. What better way to do this than through meditation? Meditation quietens our monkey mind and instead allows us to focus upon our breathing or by repeating a mantra. This creates a distance in between our thoughts, an awareness that we tend to ignore in our everyday lives.

Change Yourself a Day at a Time – Whenever we wish to change ourselves from one way of being to another we get hung up on the grandness of the goal. We need to understand that great changes happen step by step. Rome was not built in a day, and equally our lives do not have to change overnight. The key is to make a small change each and every day. After a while step back and admire the distance that those smalls steps have created.

You Cannot Change The World – OK – (This one is not entirely true!) We can change the world but only by changing ourselves. We don’t have the power to shift the mindset of others but we do have the power to change how we react to certain situations. If you feel that certain people in your life do not serve you for a higher purpose then change it. After a while you will see the world around does change but only by the changes you personally make yourself.


Bad Habits

Negative habits play such a pivotal role in our lives. A lot of the time it’s easy to guess the lifestyle of most people based on the habits that they possess.

We don’t just wake up one day to discover that we have a multitude of bad habits that came from nowhere. No, it doesn’t work like that. Habits become ingrained into our lives over time (sometime years) and normally started with just a simple moment in time.

One of the ugliest habits out there is smoking. (I’m an ex smoker so I know!) Nobody sets out to be a smoker. It’s not an ambition of a young child to want to take it up, in fact it’s the furthest thing from their young minds as they consciously know of how unhealthy it is.

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

Fast forward till the child is 16, maybe in a social environment with overwhelming pressure from their peers to push them towards taking that first drag on a cigarette. This will no doubt be a moment of disgust at a biological level, as their young lungs naturally rejects the ugly poison by the coughing fit that generally takes place.

Yuk! – They will remember that first time and swear to never to do that again, that is until the next event comes along with equal or greater social pressure.

So what happens? Well they tell themselves that although it was unpleasant the first time round, this time they know what to expect so maybe just another couple of drags, obviously not a whole one! Coughed a bit more but not as bad as before, and this routine goes on and on.

It creates a false sense of confidence which these teenagers thrive upon and before you know it what started as a couple of drags, turns into a fully fledged habit. Maybe just 5 a day to begin with, slowly increasing to 10 or 20 within a few years,

The tendency after that is to blame the act on life situations of stress and/or boredom. This is how any habit is formed, bit by bit and day by day. A few steps each time is all that’s needed to graduate to that fully qualified BAD habit.


Creating Positive Habits

The creation of good habits happens in the exact same way, bit by bit and day by day. Before you know it, it’s there in plain sight for everybody to see. The fact is you know exactly how positive and negative habits are created, as we have all developed them throughout our own lives but more so at a subconscious level.

Let’s get into it at a slightly deeper level. Let’s see what triggers that (negative or positive) habit in the first place. Habits tend to consist of 3 sections and if we can understand these thoroughly then it becomes easy to break or create one.

All habits consist of cues, routines & rewards.

Cue – These are the trigger points that initiates a person to get that habit in mind.

Keeping fit is one of the most positive habits you can implement into your life, so the cue in this example would be maybe a mental picture of yourself looking fit, a fitness advert showing before and after pics or maybe you see a friend who was once unhealthy but has now managed to turn their life around and oozes fitness. These are your trigger cues.

Understanding cues will help massively in trying to take up positive habits or maybe ditch some bad ones.

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

Routine – The routine is the actual habit itself and the behavior that is performed. In our example it would be that actual fitness exercise. This entire process is the routine.

Reward – The reward can be totally different for each person and manifests itself in many forms. In our example the reward could be an increase in happy chemical dopamine release. It could be that good feeling that comes from socializing at the gym or it could be just because of the happiness to take a break from work or home life.

The reward part of the habit is satisfied after the first two steps. Your mind begins to think that it will receive whatever reward it’s seeking each and every time. It tells itself that OK, if this cue happens and we repeat the same routine then we get the same good feeling reward.

Your mind realizes that every time the cue appears and we complete the same routine as previously done then we get that same positive reward. Each time the reward is completed the habit becomes stronger and stronger, albeit happening at a subconscious level. There you go; a new habit is then formed.

To make or break any habit be honest with yourself and truly think about what are your cues and rewards. This will give you a much better understanding of what is holding you to bad old habits or pushing you away from achieving good ones.


Train Your Mind

Our minds are so easily conditioned with what we constantly repeat to them. To truly dictate your life path training your mind is of the utmost importance. Replace thoughts in mind of a negative native with their exact opposite.

Habits are formed in exactly this way when we truly take a step back to observe. A lot of our conditioning has been installed into us by families and surroundings whilst we were growing up, and each consisting of their positive and negative values.

As children we are simply human sponges ready to soak up whatever is sent our way. It’s for this reason that children learn new languages easily as opposed to adults. Our minds are the portals to everything and nothing. Its the genie in the lamp!

Change Your Mind And Change Your Life

The stories we tend to tell ourselves feel comforting because they excuse us from taking real responsibility for our actions. Smokers might tell themselves they enjoy it and that’s the only reason they do it.

Somebody else might say that them being overweight is only because it runs in the family, and that’s how they all are.  So be very careful of the stories that you tell yourself!




You ultimately possess the capacity to train your mind towards whatever goal or desire you wish to manifest. It’s your ultimate weapon of choice for anything that you wish to change in your life for better and unfortunately for worse. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to make these changes, just the belief in yourself that you will get there.

Take control of your life TODAY by changing your mind and ultimately changing your life!

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