It is fair to say the praying is one of the most ancient practices of all time, as well as one of the most personal between the person and God/Universe. There is no one way to describe the process. There are in fact more ways to pray then there are people that currently pray.

Prayer is known as a communion with God himself. A private communication between us and a greater power at hand. There exist so many different types of prayer between the vastness of the different religions and cultures that it would be difficult to describe each of the different methods and techniques. We will attempt to provide a basic comprehension on the healing power of prayers and what the process entails.


What exactly is prayer?

As mentioned prayer is simply a relationship between the individual and the Creator/Universe.
In the Bible Jesus Christ used prayer as the primary way to communicate his feelings and desires with God. It provides the person praying with a channel to vent out any feelings and frustrations which occur.

It’s a way to letting out anything that is troubling us internally or through outside events.

There is no ideal method of praying. It’s a personal choice as how to do this, although each religion promotes their own version of what is their most effective way of praying.

Many people learn to pray by listening to the prayers of others. Growing up you most probably heard prayer in one form or another across your travels. The Bible demonstrates the healing power of prayers in hundreds of stories.





What happens when we pray?

Experiment study’s have shown that the power of belief is so effective on any physical outcome required. If somebody indeed possesses the expectation that a certain outcome will present itself then 9 times out of 10 the solution will present itself. But how is it that an event in mind has the power to manifest itself into an external event.

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If you believe in the Universe at large, then the power of prayer should definitely be something that appeals to you. What could possibly be the harm?

The moment you let out your thoughts and desires in a positive form then you automatically create impressions upon your working mind, which as previously discussed opens up your mind to manifest solutions to the problem at hand.







Benefits Of Prayer

Prayer, along with meditation and positive thinking is known to have a profound list of benefits. The following are just a handful of benefits that have been experienced by those that pray.

Increase Self-Control – Prayer has a positive impression and can help with any goals by way of improving your self control. It was shown that individuals who prayed before a physical task were able to perform it much more successfully.

The self control aspect can also work oppositely for those with bad additive habits such as alcoholism. In this case prayer was shown to reduce their alcohol consumption quite considerably. It is these examples that show that prayer does indeed have a positive and energizing effect.

Prayer Improves Your Mood – Do you get aggressive? Then why not pray? Studies have shown that aggressive individuals who pray regularly automatically reduced their level of an unfortunate experience of anger. Prayer helps you to stay cool at all times.

Prayer Makes You More Forgiving – The most famous concept of prayer in the bible. Forgiving others by way of prayer makes you more inclined to forgive yourself. Judging others is ultimately a trait of how you feel about and treat yourself.

Prayer Increases Trust – Those that pray together, stay together. Groups of people who pray have an increased feeling of being united with a central trust. Churches have understood this for eons and the power of group prayer is definitely something to take note of. It promotes better relationships regardless of age, background or social status.

Prayer Increases Health – The burden of financial worries produce stresses on the body unlike no other. However, Individuals who pray seem much more resistant to any physical health conditions brought on by worry.

Science tends to be very critical of religion as it’s seen as an irrational belief system. I personally believe that both science and religion complement each other perfectly and neither is greater than the other, but are both a required piece of the puzzle.

There are indeed many things that need to change on these old dogmatic belief systems but what critics fail to understand is that studies have shown there to be many positive aspects of religious faith.

The main benefit seems to be that prayer which is of course a behavior associated with religion, but can indeed be of benefit for individuals and society as a whole.


Shared Power Of Prayer

You have no doubt heard of Lourdes? It’s a place of worship in France which is famous for the Virgin Mary appearing to a a young Roman Catholic girl by the name of Bernadette. It is said that she appeared to her a total of eighteen times.

Lourdes today is famous for many miraculous healings as well as the many Catholic pilgrimages that occur there many times a year. But how do these so called miracles occur?

Surely there are just a lot of mythical stories from the bible to teach us lessons in our current life? Maybe there are, but maybe they also provide a clue to the true power of positive thinking and belief especially as a joint act.

Our thoughts are an energy and our brainwaves are something that can be measured accurately. EEG measures the brain’s electrical activity directly. Since our thoughts are an energy it stands to reason that combining these shared thoughts will produce an energy on a much grander scale through the practice of prayer.

Just look at the energy at a football stadium or a music concert. You can actually feel that energy through you. As the saying goes ‘Energy flows where attention goes’, whether it’s through prayer, chanting, cheering or singing.



At the end of the day if doesn’t matter if you are truly a devout Christian, Muslim or Buddhist. The true power lies in the thinking that you channel outwards into the world. Everything is an energy and as such is all linked. At the end of the day everything is linked to what the mind produces for better or worse.

So channel your positive thoughts through prayer, meditation or by your external actions. What you put out there is ultimately what you get back so be careful what you wish for; you might just get it!.


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