In life, we always seem to be waiting for that perfect opportunity before we strike. It’s either to late, too early, or the situation just doesn’t possess the right factors before we make that decision. If we could only teach ourselves how to stop waiting for the perfect moment.

We always seem to be waiting for that perfect time before we put forward our desired plan. As a whole we tend to hate waiting in line, yet at the same time we have no issues in delaying life plans to wait for that optimal moment, which in reality never seems to be arrive.

How To Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

We do the same thing with our goals. Why is it that come January new year a lot of us develop the fitness bug (albeit only for a few weeks). Why was January the perfect time instead of late Nov?

The same can be said about starting a diet. We tell ourselves that we will start next week (always has to be a Monday doesn’t it?) It’s very rare that we choose to start it there and then in the present moment.

We carry the exact same mindset to just about any part of life, such as writing a book, learning to play an instrument, starting our own business or just having a difficult conversation with someone. We trick ourselves into thinking that certain challenges require the best timing and environment before we make our move.

Fear gets in the way or taking action there and then; and all that’s needed is a push of courage to start it all. We often prefer to wait instead of taking action due to feelings of uncertainty or of being afraid to take a chance.

The truth is, if we are always waiting for the perfect condition; we will never get anything done. So how do we change this behavior, and more importantly how to stop waiting for the perfect moment?



Intimate relationships are complex by nature – you put together two people having grown up in completely different environments, outside influences and teachings. The end result is one of a perfect fit or constant clashing and indifference, either way we are always waiting for the right relationship to come along or waiting for the perfect opportunity to severe the ties of that unhealthy bond.

How To Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

Breakups in relationships are never easy but deep down if you know it’s the right thing to do why do we stop ourselves from pushing that button?

We tell ourselves it’s just not the right time for this, this would kill them if I broke up with them, I just can’t find the right way to tell them the bad news.

We tell ourselves that if only I could find the right moment and environment then the whole thing wouldn’t be as bad and would progress a lot smoother – this is a complete detachment from reality!

The truth is, that there is no perfect moment. The result will ultimately be the same no matter when or where it happens. Waiting instead (sometimes for years) is regrettably doing neither person any good. If you have made that decision inside, then stick to it and make that move.

Postponing things will only make it worse in the long run! Yes – once it happens sadness will pass over you as an overwhelming emotion but ultimately we have to go through that stage in order to get to the next – to make ourselves more healthily open and loving and for the next person that comes along.


Life Always Gets in The Way

Waiting for that perfect moment can be compared to saving all your hard-earned cash every month. What turns out is that we have the extra cash but time has run out for us to spend it. What a great metaphor for how we live our lives?

I hear couples all the time proclaiming that it’s not the right time to start having children. “We need to wait until the economy changes or until we have that bigger house or start earning more money”.

In reality life will always get in the way of reaching certain goals and regrettably the longer we tend to wait then the harder it becomes to get it started. There are no perfect moments in life, only moments that come and go.

Labeling these moments as wrong are what stalls us from taking action in the moment, and instead wait for an alternative moment sometime in the future which ultimately is no more or less perfect than the previous.


Lack of Control

Control – It’s something we should all have by default, although few of us are able to grasp it.

If we are always looking for that perfect opportunity or situation then straight away we begin to give up our control of life. Instead, we are putting our destination is the hands of the faith or the gods or destiny.

Those individuals who suffer from depression can by careful analysis be taken back to the core belief that control is lacking in their lives. Take back control of you life today instead of leaving it to the environmental influence of those around you.

How To Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

When we take ultimate control of our lives we get back into the driving seat, and only then do we truly go into the desired direction instead of acting like a tumbleweed in the wind.

We begin to value ourselves and as such begin to value our time, resulting in us making the most of each and every situation no matter what. Begin to paint the picture of your life by intentionally taking control of every moment and not just waiting for the perfect one to arrive.


Stops us Learning

The fear of not taking action in every moment stops our learning in our tracks. Standing still keeps you exactly where you are now with absolutely no progression to anything higher.

You see it’s the lack of movement that keeps you from developing any skills or gaining that vital experience that can take us somewhere truly worthwhile. Einstein once said that “The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result”. This is a certainty in life – if you stay where you are and you will always be where you are!

Keep learning, keep moving and progressing – there is no other way it works. Such a simple concept yet so many miss the mark with it. You notice I mentioned ‘simple’, but not easy. Simple in nature but takes commitment and discipline.


Conclusion – Life is Simply Too Short

Ultimately we will all run out of time – That hour glass of life only contains so much sand before it’s all gone.

The truth is, nobody can wait forever. That’s not to say that we should become impatient and throw everything up into the air, but it does mean that we could all be doing so much more to take direct control of each and every moment instead of waiting for a time that might never arrive.

How To Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment

Work backwards from where you see yourself in the future (maybe at the end of your life). How many people have lived a life of little action and decisiveness and are then filled with deep sorrow and regret because of it.

Don’t be one of those people who say to themselves “If only I could go back and do it all again”. Regret is something that eats away at us, especially when we are no longer in a position to change it.

Yes many of us can still do so many things in our 80s, but wouldn’t it be better to do it instead in our 50s maybe?

Stop waiting for that perfect moment, because really and truly it doesn’t exist!



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