Most of us have struggled with our weight at one time or another.

Whether it’s an isolated occurrence or a constant life battle, being overweight makes us feel low and unmotivated.
These low vibration emotions tend to send us into a downward spiral which makes it even easier for us to reach for the chocolate or donuts ultimately resulting in a vicious cycle which feels impossible to break.

Set My Mind To Lose Weight

Why is this? Surely if you’ve gained some extra pounds over the Christmas period then the only way to get back to your original weight is to diet and exercise? Well, not quite.You see dieting is only one piece of the puzzle.

Off course the essence of losing weight is simply that the output of calories needs to be higher than the input but without your mind being on board to this we are only trying to deal directly with half of the puzzle, the body.

It’s so much more than reducing your calories and joining a gym. It’s a complete mental mindset to fuel you with the right rational thought and support. So is it possible to set my mind to lose weight you ask? Indeed, it is, our minds need to be fully engaged to ultimately win the battle of the bulge or whatever challenge your struggling to overcome.

There is no other way around it. Everyone knows how to lose weight. All you have to do is eat less and exercise more, right?

WRONG!  People who have lost significant amounts of weight, know that making a lifestyle change is about so much more than calorie restriction and getting a gym membership.

It’s also a massive mental challenge that requires stamina, rational thought and emotional support. In other words, it’s often a makeover of your mind, first and foremost.


Why Diets Don’t Work (Alone)

People see diets as a temporary plan in order to drop the weight. Once that weight has dropped they then go back to the same old lifestyle habits before the diet started.

Set My Mind To Lose Weight The problem with this is there is no permanent lifestyle change in place. Alternatively if people would acknowledge what it took to get them there, find out what worked or didn’t work for them.

At the end of the day it’s all about education. Educating yourself on the type of calories to consume, educating yourself on what foods caused bloating, drains energy etc.

One you know what doesn’t work for you, then make a note of what has worked. Think of how you felt when you had a good intake of protein, nuts, and good (full) calories and of the energy that they provided you with.

This is your body communicating firsthand with you. Listen to that internal biology, the clues are right there. No book can teach you that. Like anything, it’s all from within where the real changes are made. Click here to find more content on this subject.


Mind & Body Connection

Once we all realize that to lose weight our minds and body need to be engaged then the whole process becomes as easy as pie. You start to think differently about your weight loss which then prompts you to start feeling and acting differently around exercise and food.

When the body responds to the mind in this way it makes us lose weight without much effort and in a more natural fashion. It becomes easier due to its intuitive feelings that we bring up.

Most people see losing weight as an upward struggle and have an internal war within themselves. They dread going to gym and believe they are losing out on a social life, great tasting food and a lifetime of torture. The truth is that being overweight comes down to much more than a physical problem, it’s more a problem of our entire being.

Set My Mind To Lose Weight

Our bodies are the mirror image of our thoughts, feelings and the way we perceive it to be. Use the powers of your mind to change your body by way of mental exercises, learn to topple those negative thoughts and old beliefs with fresh positive mental images of how you wish to be.

At the same time keep that upbeat energy by steering clear of negative situations and people along your fitness journey.


Take Action

Once you’ve found out how to get there – keep educating yourself. Here are just a few tips to keep you going.

  • Rid Yourself of Dieting – Focus instead of your new lifestyle eating habits. They don’t have to be boring. Seasoning food correctly is the best way to enjoy your food and keep that waistline down in a healthier way.
  • Only Eat Until Satisfied – Why do we constantly keep plowing that food down our guts until bloating kicks in. Loosening your belt is not the goal you should be aiming for. Chew your food for longer. This tricks your mind in feeling like you have eaten more.
  • Rest Your Body For Longer – When we don’t sleep enough, our bodies are not fully recharged and being sleep deprived keeps us craving those sugary snacks to keep our energy levels topped up. Aim for getting between 7-8 hours of restfull sleep each night. Our energy levels will then be peaked through the whole day instead of having to rely of artificial boosts, which once consumed will ultimately send us back into a slump.

Set My Mind To Lose Weight

  • Educate Yourself – Truly educate yourselves on what fitness, there are endless amounts of good information out there. People tend to blame their weight on genetics rather than take responsibility for the choices they make within life. Continue learning and you will separate the truth from the myths. Once you have reached your ideal weight goal or body shape with the newfound knowledge then share that wisdom with those that are in the same boat that you once were in.



Your possess the ultimate tool gain your ultimate picture of fitness.
Mentally picture how you wish to be or even photo shop your head onto your ultimate body shape. The idea is to have a goal in your mind to work towards. Once you have this then take each day as it comes.

Of course there will be times when you don’t always stick to your plan of action in terms of eating of exercising, but that’s OK. That will happen, and when it goes simply get back up again for the next day. Having mostly better days than bad ones is a realistic goal for anybody if their minds are on board.

Ditch the excuses if you really want to make a difference, and take back your control TODAY!


I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions about this topic or just want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.