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You Can Heal Your Life Movie

You Can Heal Your Life: The Movie – Overview

You Can Heal Your Life Movie tells the life story of best-selling author Louise Hay. This amazing video details the inspirational insight that this lovely lady possessed and her profound belief in the relationship between the body and mind.

The emphasis really sits on the premise that our thoughts whether of a positive or negative nature control us by way of manifestation into our physical bodies and as ailments or well being.

There are standard and extended versions which include the original 90 min session with the added bonus of an affirmation toolkit. These are positive and practical affirmations from the great lady herself covering a range of topics relating to health, happiness, prosperity as well as one’s self, to really master and apply to our own lives.


A Different Direction

I’ve read numerous amounts of books over the years on the connection between the body and mind.

Each bring their own method of outlaying this ancient knowledge towards the target audience. However, Louise Hay manages to do this in such a very distinct and subjective way that it makes you wonder how these teachings had never occurred to you before.

You Can Heal Your Life Movie

This bestselling author really takes you down a journey of self discovery and awareness but in such a captivating and easy to learn method that keeps you the listener thirsty for more. Louise’s calming voice gently becomes absorbed by the listener in an almost hypnotic fashion with each chapter explaining a further piece of the puzzle.

It answer questions that many have been seeking for all their lives by providing a truly in depth wisdom to help us heal every part of our lives. The video is woven in with a look into Louise’s  personal life story and contains additional commentary by similar enlightened speakers such as the late Dr Wayne Dyer & Dr Doreen Virtue and drives the message of healing through true awareness and Love.

The video content is so solid and easy to listen to covering a range of subjects from science, logic, spiritual, physical as well as metaphysical. A true enlightening journey for anybody seeking to improve upon challenging areas within their life.

The format of the you can heal your life movie follows along the same path as ‘The Secret’ and in the same way bushes upon the topics seamlessly one after other with no stone left unturned.


The Movie Outline

The HayHouse website containing the ‘You can heal your life movie depicts Louise’s story from the point of view of victim-hood, and leaves a great message of endurance for women of similar backgrounds.

A recurrent theme throughout the movie is of self love which ultimately invokes other negative emotions to subside, not only from a mental aspect but also from a physical standpoint.

Ones positive statements to themselves or affirmations are what guides a person to how they wish to be and the movie contains a plethora to choose from, with each repetition strengthening the previous.

The idea of these affirmations is in naturally cleansing away  old limiting such as a lack in confidence or negative self talk to be replaced with pure self understanding and forgiveness.


Some of the main subjects discussed in the movie include;

Positive Affirmations – These statements are what we tell ourselves on a daily basis, whether we are conscious of them or not. They represent the true power that we all possess. Until we truly become aware of our thoughts we cannot influence our mindset with new ones. These statements must always be of a positive nature and in the present moment.

Disease (Dis-ease) – Ailments tend to be manifestation of our mindsets. Louise mentions that the illness’s we develop are just the symptoms and not the root of it, with the real cause tending to be a lack of forgiveness.

Sounds very Woo woo to those of a skeptic nature but if they would only open their minds to such thinking, they would naturally see how scarily accurate it is. Louise also provides a list of many known illnesses and it’s more the likely root cause

You Can Heal Your Life Movie

Prosperity – When it comes to wealth and prosperity a lot of us tend to focus on what we don’t want. If we would only trust in the unlimited abundance of the universe by observing nature some major clues could be obtained. Within nature there is an unlimited supply.

Simply look at the animals of the world and notice that they have exactly what they need in the exact quantities. Trust in the same power for yourself and watch the same natural law being applied to your life.

Self-Love – We are our own worst critics. We tell ourselves we are not good enough, pretty enough, clever enough etc. If we could only do a complete 180 rotation of this thinking to a place of love and trust we would see natural healing occur. Louise show’s you how!


Final Thought

At the end of the day this movie/book will not appeal to everyone. I guess over the last 10 years or so these messages have been so widely put on there that some might become frustrated with the same repetitiveness and new age thinking, but try to remember that Louise was one of the first to take this thinking into the mainstream.

The beauty of the movie lies in it’s simplistic message that the more you think about negative problems then the more you will dwell into that energy and indeed see that negativity surrounding you. Instead simply reverse what you have done your entire life to witness the same power produce positivity , prosperity, health and off course wealth.

If you truly open up your mind to it’s teachings then you will definitely take draw in some ancient wisdom that can promote healing in every part of your life if you let it. Although Louise Hay had difficult challenges in her life, so have countless others.

The difference lies in the path we take to overcome these life struggles.

Take control of yours today for a better tomorrow!


The HayHouse website contains an endless amount of uplifting self help information.

See here for more information


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